"The red heart watch strap"



The choice to found an innovative and strong brand in the craft watchmaking leather goods sector is a formidable challenge, for us. To meet it we have decided to put a lot of passion, work and make our watch straps in France. France, nowadays is recognized as an important subcontractor for watchmaking (mainly for Swiss watches), particularly on wristwatch making. Starting from this postulate why not put the French leather goods know-how, renowned worldwide, and create a French brand, upscale, pioneer in its approach, unique and different that would be the expression of this know-how...  
THE FRENCH BRACELET has the ambition to be this brand...


Our vision at THE FRENCH BRACELET  is to dissociate the watch case (with its movement, its mechanism) which is attached to a watchmaking know-how, which can be maintained/repaired over time and the watch strap, damaged or overly "trendy" will have to be changed because it can’t be repaired or modified. THE FRENCH BRACELET  invites its customers to preserve and maintain their watches cases by approved professionals, in order to increase their longevity, especially since it often has a significant cost for its owner (it represents on average 90% of the price of a watch). A well-maintained cases of some flagship models of major watchmakers will often take value over the years rarity, increasing demand of vintage watch... and sometimes explodes all records!


THE FRENCH BRACELET watch straps are of high quality and handcrafted in France in Besançon by our partner SIBRA, our leather goods manufacturer, with high-end leathers. Our premium full-grain calfskin on the outside of the strap and calfskin for the red NAPPA leather inside come from Italy, more precisely from the region of Tuscany renowned for offering the finest leathers in the world. Our watch straps can be adapted to a large number of men's and women's models of watch cases, from major luxury watch brands that make us dream, but also to more affordable, but very trendy, lifestyle watches! The technicality of THE FRENCH BRACELET pieces is focused on the choice and quality of the raw materials as well as on the robustness of the bracelets as a whole (skins selected for their qualities, their pleasant touch, and their great solidity like the NAPPA leather present at inside of all our bracelets that do not darken, the PRESTO system to remove your bracelet or put it on without tools, a double folding clasp to ensure the best adjustment and support on the wrist) and finally on innovation and creativity. Each model is produced in small quantities and each watch strap is numbered in order to be able to follow it over time and make it exclusive. Our unique collections and new products will be offered throughout the seasons. Our straps are made to last for several years, much more than most existing leather watch straps, they have been studied, tested and designed with this in mind.


THE FRENCH BRACELET watch straps will be sold exclusively by our partner DERBRÉ HORLOGERIE


THE FRENCH BRACELET supports French artisans working in France and helps them grow their orders book. Engaged in a win-win partnership.
THE FRENCH BRACELET encourages its customers to seek approved watchmakers to repair, adjust their time guards to keep their watches cases longer. Lifestyle & luxury watches can be repaired in 90% of cases!


The leathers of our THE FRENCH BRACELET  wristbands have been treated with a mineral or vegetal tanning. The Vegetal tanning, avoids the use of chemicals and remains today the most environmentally friendly technique. Regarding the parcels sent to our customers, they are small, low encumbrances and the cartons, papers used for our packaging are recycled or recyclable, moreover the chosen carriers have policies committed on the loading optimization, sustainable mobilities etc...


THE FRENCH BRACELET  does not belong to any watch groups and has no relations with them. THE FRENCH BRACELET  does not sell any products other than THE FRENCH BRACELET products.

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